Brown Butter Brownies

These Brown Butter Brownies  are soon to be your next favorite brownie recipe. Using brown butter and brown sugar which adds a rich, caramelized depth to these fudgy brownies.  

Ingredients  you will  need

1.In the saucepan, setting the heat to medium-low add the butter.. 2 Tiny bubbles will start to form on the surface

Make The Brown Butter

3.It will gradually turn from yellow to amber, then to a golden brown. 4. Prevent the butter from overcooking by transferring it to a heatproof bowl.

5. whisk together eggs and sugar for a minimum of 5 minutes. 6. Fold in dry ingredients.

5. Add the brownie batter to the lined baking pan. 6. Place in the oven for approximately 20 minutes.

 Slice and serve once fully cooled. 

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