Medovik Cake Recipe

Gluten  free

This Medovik tort Russian honey layer cake is Layered with thin honey cakes and whipped sour cream frosting Makes a unique birthday or celebration cake.  

Ingredients  you will  need





Heavy cream/sour cream


Baking powder

Melt butter and sugar and allow to cool.

 Add  eggs and honey whisking well

 Fold in flour until fully combined

 Wrap  in plastic wrap. Place in the refrigerator 

Leave to chill for a minimum of 1 hour

Divide dough evenly into 6  balls

Roll out dough into flat circles

Using a stencil cut and place on a baking tray

Bake 8 mins. Repeat with all dough balls

Assemble layers of honey cake with sour cream frosting and then decorate.

Leave the cake to set in the refrigerator overnight.

Slice and enjoy!

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