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Chocolate such as dark, milk, and white chocolate in its purest form is gluten free.

Although some brands add additional ingredients that contain gluten.

Or be produced in a factory that handles gluten products.

Cadburys gluten free Chocolate

– Flake – Fudge – Fudge minis – Twirl – Twirl Bites – Wispa – Wispa Gold – Bitsa Wispa – Creme Egg And more...

Lindt gluten free chocolate bars

– Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark Chocolate – Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark Sea Salt Bar – Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark Caramel & Sea Salt Bar and more ...

Galaxys gluten free Chocolate

– Galaxy Smooth Milk bar – Galaxy Minstrels – Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate Drink and more ...

Mars gluten free Chocolate

–Snickers Bars – Bounty Milk chocolate bar – M&M's – DOVE Dark Chocolate Bar and more ...

Nestlé gluten free chocolate

– Areo Caramel Bar – After Eight mints – After Eight Orange mints – Milkybar Giant White Chocolate Buttons and more ...

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