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Some Options on the menu

Gluten Free Pizza Crust - This crust is a rectangle-shaped crust.

BBQ Chicken Wings Double Chicken Wings

Pizza Toppings

Cheese Toppings - Mozzarella cheese, String cheese, Triple cheese blend, Mozzarella pearls, Vegan cheese, Plant based cheese are all gluten free. – Meat Toppings - Chicken, Crispy Bacon, Ham, Pepperoni, Minced Beef, and Spicy Pork are all gluten free. And more...

Side Dishes

Mixed Leaf SaladBBQ Chicken Wings

❌  Pizza Hut Fries & Potato wedges are coated in Wheat Flour and are not gluten free.❌

Cross- contamination

They cook the gluten free pizza in a separate oven from the regular pizza.  They do not use their pizza cutters to slice the pizza and the gluten free pizza is served with a knife for you to slice it yourself.

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